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Executive Search

An organisation is an amalgamation of people with the right attitude, knowledge, skill, and culture. Finding the right people for the right position with all the skillsets and experience who can add value to the organization in every term - is the job we excel at Ideal Consultants.

With 30+ years of experience, our executive search recruiters have always been the price choice for companies looking to find senior and executive profiles that are a perfect fit. Filtering from a plethora of options available, our team makes sure that the adept personality comes in and a hassle-free process to go around.

Recruitment Contract

Understanding the positional, circumstantial and economical urgencies and priorities of each role, Ideal Consultants, offers a spectrum of recruitment contract solutions to make the process of hiring smooth.

Taking up the responsibility of hiring across the entirety of the organisation, Ideal Contractual Recruitment Services (ICRS) is a full-fledged recruitment solution offered to our clients who seek to handle end-to-end hiring requirements of the organisation at one-stop. With an expert and experienced team, we use the perfect amalgamation of sophisticated tech and unparalleled human intelligence to carry out the perfect hiring for each role specific across geographies, culture, skillset, and level of experience.


Screening And Shortlisting

Human Resources is the department that makes a fortune for an organisation. In the current day competitive business environment, having a stringent workforce is an absolute success, and human resources are the backbone of any entity to hire such professionals. But due to the volume of applications and initial impressions, it’s challenging to make decisions that might cost a fortune to the organisation.

At Ideal, we use a blend of tech and human intelligence to fasten the process of scanning and screening amongst the high volume of applications and find potential and suitable profiles for every position with precision and accuracy.

Psychometric Tests

Apart from the skillset required for a job, it is necessary to be job-fit, culture-fit, reliable, and have competencies mapped to make the important business decision of hiring a senior-level professional. With a uniquely crafted comprehensive suite of assessments for every stage of the talent cycle, the Ideal hiring team ensures that the assessment validation is centric and provides exceptional insights and predictions of the competencies and work performances.

The holistic approach of Ideal Consultants enables us to identify and optimise inherent skills and traits to empower executives to identify and recruit the best talent for their organisation. The contents of the assessment are international, sophisticated, and work niche relevant, focused on granulated work skills in the areas of self-management, work style, people management, result orientation, business acumen and career orientation, and the evaluations are scored against the concrete benchmarks from the global database, to analyse and publish highly accurate scores to help the executive clearly see strengths and development areas.


Referral Check

There should be no room for mistakes in hiring. To complete the statement, fact and referral-checking of a profile is a mandatory step and too important to consider as a hiccup in this step might dramatically affect the organisation.

Ideal Consultants offer an effective and simple referral check process that empowers our clients to check and go through their potential to-be employers’ experiences and validate their academic credentials, go through their societal credentials, and ensure no past records in legal and criminal references.

JD Preparation

JD Preparation is one of the most hideous and time-consuming tasks, yet a crucial initial step in any executive search. JD preparation for an executive-level position requires equal effort from the concerned department's head/managers, and the HR team, which causes a combined complexity and the intersection of schedules to have uncertain chances, only delaying the hiring process.

At Ideal Consultants, we possess the experts and expertise to prepare such JDs, matching them to meet the 100% requirements as anticipated by the department managers and HR managers. Our team of experts has a unique disposition of experienced professionals who worked across all sectors and geographies and have the knowledge to understand the requirement and the suitable profile, thereby preparing the JD.