About Us

The inception:

The humble beginnings of Ideal Consultants were forged from a ton of experiences and accomplishments of our founder, Mr B Ravi Kumar. With a rich and varied experience of over 40 years he has embarked on the journey of revolutionising Talent Acquisition in Hyderabad with the perfect amalgamation of expertise and experience, and a team that embodies the same.

It all began in since 1993 as a shadow entity of RS Group. Since then, sustained core integral values, integrity, sincerity and honesty with our client's requirements, and the assurance of top-notch quality in every service we provide - have enabled us to expand our horizons. And now, Ideal Consultants stands as a core business of the RS Group, with unparalleled quality and excellence that’s worth being hailed - as the best.

The story of Ravi Kumar Bhattaram - a sexagenarian:

A commerce graduate from a remote village in Andhra Pradesh, he unfurled his dreams of entrepreneurship. His vision and goal of connecting people to meaningful work across a wide range of skills and industries, helping to power clients' success, began with him printing job applications for the government, banks, and the public sector. This success boosted him in publishing a magazine on hiring; the magazine was named "Employment Information" and was very popular amongst the young job-seeking generation.

He dedicated himself to the print media, gaining knowledge, experience, and expertise in the publishing sector. Working relentlessly in the newspaper and magazine industry gave further wings to his aspirations.

His first ventures, RS group and Employment Information magazine, led to the foundation of Ideal Placements and Consultants.

Expertise and experience are always the keys:

Expertise comes with experience. And expertise and experience are both the keys to excel in any mission.

Ravi Kumar Bhattaram Sexagenarian - an exemplary senior profiles sourcing specialist:

Find the right talent right here.

Ideal Consultants - the leader in innovative workforce solutions, connecting human potential to the power of business!

We help you find the right talent with our bespoke recruiting solutions. With over four decades of experience in hiring for multiple industries and niches, Ideal Consultants assists you in your entire hiring process for exclusive senior-level positions.

We enable you to take effective business decisions that transform your agile workforce strategies with our bespoke recruiting solutions using the right blend of technology and human intelligence to attract and hire candidates who can contribute to both business goals and culture.

Mr Ravi's strengths are sourcing the best talent by thoroughly understanding the Job Descriptions, industry, and company.

“When a good idea is thought of, a seed is sown & when the thought is implemented, the seed is grown!”

Ideal Consultants

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