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Executive Search

Performance of an organization is not a matter of chance. A right combination of Attitude, Knowledge and Skill of the people reasonably predicts the organization’s performance and capability to achieve results. Organizations aspire to have people who can look beyond the corner, locate hidden possibilities and produce results.
Ideal understands this need of organizations. In over two decades of operations, we have evolved our appreciation for headhunting the right executive for a position and in the right time. We have been champions in executive search, and continually strive to improve the art of executive search.

Recruitment Contract

The requirement of staff in an organization is varied. Sometimes, the requirement may be of seasonal nature with different requirements of skills and numbers. Sometimes, the requirement might be of such urgent nature and high in volume, that managing every position individually might prove difficult and economically disadvantageous.

Ideal Contractual Recruitment Services (ICRS) is a service offered by us to our clients where we are singularly responsible for recruitment across the entirety of the organization. Our specialized and experienced team has a wide network of professionals working across geographies and levels of experience; we have well established systems with a large database of candidate profiles; both of which make us capable of managing the recruitment for your organization. Our expertise makes us a perfect partner to handle all your recruitment needs.

Screening and Shortlisting

In today’s highly competitive business environment, it is the human resources that make the fortune of an organization. Human resources are the backbone of an organization’s success. As such, it is always a monumentally time demanding task for the HR team to scan through every candidate profile for every requirement. At Ideal, we have developed systems and expertise to fasten the process of scanning through large volumes of profiles to find the suitable profiles. We offer you the services of screening through your list of applicants and shortlist the most suitable profiles for every position.

Psychometric Tests

With unique insights on job-fit, culture-fit and reliable competency mapping, we offer a comprehensive suite of assessments for every stage of the talent cycle. Assessment is validation centric, these assessments provide exceptional prediction of competencies and work performance. The content of the assessments are international, modern and relevant to the work context.
The exhaustive tests empower executives to focus on granulated work skills in the areas of self management, work style, people management, result orientation, business acumen and career orientation. Evaluations scored against concrete benchmarks from a global database throw out highly accurate scores to help the executive clearly see strengths and development areas.
This holistic system helps identify and optimize inherent skills and traits to empower executives to identify and recruit the best talent for their organization.

Referral Check

Our referral checking service will help you get the information you need about the candidate. The potential candidate may dramatically affect the organization, the outcome of which is far too important to be left to chance. Having a referral checking service check the references is an accurate way to confirm that these references will enhance the choices, rather than creating room for mistaken hiring.
We offer referral check services to check the candidate’s references in Past experience Checking the references of the candidate in the previous organizations of employment. Academics Checking the academic credentials of the candidate as specified in the candidate’s profile. Societal references Checking the societal references of the candidate, in terms of criminal and legal references.

JD Preparation

Preparation of Job Description is a tedious task at best, and a gigantic time killer at worst. Yet, the Job Description is the most essential step of the executive search. Preparation of a JD requires an amalgamation of efforts of the concerned department heads/managers and the HR team, which only adds to the complexity.

At Ideal, we have the experts and the expertise to prepare JD’s for all levels of positions. Our team of recruiters and consultants, has the unique disposition, a result of having worked across industries and geographies, of bearing the skills and the knowledge to understand the requirement and the suitable profile, thereby preparing the JD.

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